The Connected TV EU Conference


Dear friends,

It is a great honour for The Cyprus Radiotelevision Authority to co-organise with the European Commission and host the “Connected TV Conference” inasmuch as it signifies a momentous step of media convergence. As a matter of fact, the general response to the Conference surpassed our initial expectations, as it started off as a European and Mediterranean Conference and now spans a worldwide range, having attracted prominent personalities of the field from all over the world as well as big brands and companies in respect of both attendance and contribution.  

Clearly, itwill be a milestone in the on-going reflections around the challenges and opportunities brought forward by this new development. The Conference will provide a valuable input to the future policy actions at EU level since the various stakeholders will have the opportunity to provide their views and experience, thereby configuring the Policy Document on Connected TV that will be adopted by the European Commission the end of 2012.  

In light of the above, I am confident that your trip to Cyprus will offer you an enlightening as well as a constructive experience. Nevertheless, I could not but urge you to enjoy the ample beauties of Cyprus. Our island will enchant you; it is a melting pot where its abundant historical past and its contemporary present are smoothly blended together, whilst the manifest marks of its numerous former conquerors render it a unique crossroad of civilizations. Its exquisiteness culminates in its dazzling golden coasts where the multitude of colours is truly sublime. The rest, I leave to you to explore!

Andreas Petrides
Executive Chairman
Cyprus Radio Television Authority


Conference Audience
The conference is addressed to representatives of the European Commission, policy makers on audiovisual matters from all EU member states, the Council of the E.U., the Council of Europe, the EPRA, the MNRA, local authorities, representatives from the industry as well as International, European and Local media.

Why Attend
This Conference will provide to all participants:
• Excellent networking and lobbying opportunities with all parties involved
• Enhance your understanding on the new trends of Connected TV in the  changing economic and social environment
• Become updated on the new platforms
• Become familiar with the new players and gatekeepers.
• Active role in the contribution of policy making concerning connected TV



Ceremonial Part- Welcome Addresses

  • Mr. Andreas Petrides, Executive Chairman, The Cyprus Radio Television Authority (CRTA), Cyprus
  • Mr. Andreas Assiotis, General Director, Ministry of Interior, Cyprus
  • Mr. Stefanos Stefanou, Government Spokesperson, Cyprus
  • Ms neelie Kroes, Vice President of Digital Agenda, The European Commission, Belgium
  • Dr. Detler Eckert, Director DG-CNECT, The European Commission, Belgium

Session One: Opportunities offered by converged platforms-current situation and projected tendencie

  • Moderator: Ms Lorena Boix Alonso, Head of Unit, DG Communications Networks, Content & Technology, Unit Converging Media & Content, the European Commission, Belgium
  • Mr. Ross Biggam – Director General,  Association of Commercial Television in Europe (ACT), Belgium
  • Dr. Rudolf Eyberg – Director, Panasonic AVC Langen Development Centre, Panasonic Europe Ltd, Germany
  • Mr. Bo Olofsson – Director of Product Research Group, British Sky Broadcasting, United Kingdom
  • Mr. Baptiste Fosséprez – Commercial Department, Product & Services Portfolio Management, SES, Luxembourg

Session two: Access and competition issues: New market players & gatekeepers-competition & how it will affect access

  • Mr. Andris Mellakauls, Chair of the Council of Europe Steering Committee on Media and Information Society (CDMSI) & Head of Information Space Integration Section, Ministry of Culture, Latvia
  • Dr. Hans-Martin Schmidt - Head of International Relations of ARD & Chairman of EBU, Germany
  • Mr. Augusto Preta – CEO, IT Media Consulting, Italy
  • Mr. Chris Hutchins - VP European Policy, Liberty Global B.V., Belgium
  • Mr. Damir Filipovic -  EU Technology and Regulation Policy Manager, Samsung Electronics, Belgium

WG1- Connected TV & Commercial Communications

  • Coordinator/ Rapporteur: Mr. David Mahoney - Director of Content Policy, Office for Communications (OFCOM), United Kingdom 
  • Dr. Michael R. Kogler, Deputy Director Department for Media Law, Federal Chancellery, Austria
  • Ms. Christiana Paschalides – Director, Cyprus Advertising Regulation Organisation, Cyprus
  • Mr. Conor Murray - Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs, Association of Television and Radio Sales Houses (EGTA), Belgium
  • Mr. Vincent Porter - Adviser on European Media Policy, The European Alliance of Listeners' and Viewers' Associations (EURALVA)

WG2: Issues for digital single market fragmentation (regionalization of device, protection of minors, accessibility requirements, copyrights)

  • WG Coordinator/ Rapporteur: Dr. Jose Alberto Azeredo Lopes - Doutorado em Direito, Ciências Jurídico-Políticas (Direito Internacional), UCP, 2002.Professor of Law, Catholic University of Porto, Portugal
  • Mr. Peter Olaf Looms – Chairman, ITU-T Focus Group on Audiovisual Media Accessibility, Looms Consulting, Denmark
  • Mr. Kostas Rossoglou -  Senior Legal Officer, Leader of BEUC Digital Team, The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC), Belgium (no powerpoint)
  • Mr. Frank Kamperman – Group Leader, TP Vision  The Netherlands
  • Mr. Heiko Zysk – VP Governmental Relations & Head of European Affairs, ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG, Germany
  • Mr. Yiannis Souroullas – Senior Manager – Marketing (CMO), Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA), Cyprus

Session three: Connected Tv-how it will affect viewership habits-new viewer experiences

  • Moderator: Mr. Pierre Cassar, Chief Executive, Broadcasting Authority Malta, Malta
  • Ms. Petra Kammerevert – MEP, S&D Co-ordinator in the CULT Committee, The European Parliament, Belgium
  • Mr. Sofocles Markides -  General Manager, Nielsen Audience Measurement (Cyprus) Ltd, Cyprus
  • Mr. Thomas Spiller – VP Global Public Policy, Europe, Middle East & Africa, The Walt Disney Company, Belgium
  • Mr. Rene Summer – Director Government and Industry Relations, Ericsson Group, Sweden
  • Mr. Andreas Spechtler, Rigional VP EMEA, Dolby Laboratories, United Kingdom

Session four: Content Creation and Financing

  • Moderator: Dr. Gyorgy Ocsko – International Legal Adviser, the National Media and Infocommunications Authority of Hungary (NMHH), Hungary
  • Dr. Yoo Yang – President/CEO, Korea Communications Agency, Korea
  • Dr. André Lange – Head of the Department for Information on Markets and Financing, European Audiovisual Observatory (EAO), France
  • Mr. Emmanuel Gabla – Commissioner, Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSA), France
  • Ms. Sylvie Forbin – Senior Vice President Public and European Affairs, Vivendi, France
  • Mr. Malte Lohan – Director of Public Affairs, World Federation of Advertisers (WFA)


Conference Details

About the Conference

Connected TV and connected devices have been high on the agenda of the European Community for the last year as they represent a significant step of media convergence. The Conference will be a milestone in the on-going reflections around the challenges and opportunities brought forward by this new development. High level panelists will provide their insight and experience from their unique perspective around specific topics identified. The Conference will provide valuable input to the future policy actions at EU level.

By the end of 2012, the European Commission will deliver a Policy Document on Connected TV. This Conference will provide a unique opportunity for the various stakeholders to contribute to EU policy making by providing their views and experience.

The Conference Objectives
•To share opinions on Connected TV
•To discuss ways of regulating this new environment within the EU
•To identify the technical and regulatory issues of connected TV as well as other related aspects
•To identify ways to move the discussion forward and prepare a strategy on Connected TV.

The Connected TV Conference – “Looking beyond the AVMS directive: the challenge of Connected TV” conference co-organised by the Cyprus Radiotelevision Authority and the European Commission will bring together representatives of the European Commission, policy makers on audiovisual matters from all EU member states, the Council of the E.U., the Council of Europe, the EPRA, the MNRA, local authorities, representatives from the industry as well as International, European and local media.

The conference will take place at Le Meridien Limassol Spa & Resort, Cyprus on the 25th and 26th October 2012.

Thursday & Friday | 25 & 26 October 2012

Conference Venue
Le Meridien Limassol Spa & Resort | Cyprus

Conference Language
The conference plenary sessions languages are English, French and German. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided. The workgroups will be conducted in English.

Conference Fee
No participation fee for the conference (Free).

Pre-registration is required to guarantee your participation at the conference. Limited space available.