Dear friends,

It is a great honour for The Cyprus Radiotelevision Authority to co-organise with the European Commission and host the “Connected TV Conference” inasmuch as it signifies a momentous step of media convergence. As a matter of fact, the general response to the Conference surpassed our initial expectations, as it started off as a European and Mediterranean Conference and now spans a worldwide range, having attracted prominent personalities of the field from all over the world as well as big brands and companies in respect of both attendance and contribution.  

Clearly, it will be a milestone in the on-going reflections around the challenges and opportunities brought forward by this new development. The Conference will provide a valuable input to the future policy actions at EU level since the various stakeholders will have the opportunity to provide their views and experience, thereby configuring the Policy Document on Connected TV that will be adopted by the European Commission the end of 2012.  

In light of the above, I am confident that your trip to Cyprus will offer you an enlightening as well as a constructive experience. Nevertheless, I could not but urge you to enjoy the ample beauties of Cyprus. Our island will enchant you; it is a melting pot where its abundant historical past and its contemporary present are smoothly blended together, whilst the manifest marks of its numerous former conquerors render it a unique crossroad of civilizations. Its exquisiteness culminates in its dazzling golden coasts where the multitude of colours is truly sublime. The rest, I leave to you to explore!

Andreas Petrides
Executive Chairman
Cyprus Radio Television Authority